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Image for Wind after Time (Shadow Warrior Trilogy Book 1)

Wind after Time (Shadow Warrior Trilogy Book 1)

By: Bunch, Chris

Price: $4.44

Publisher: New York, NY, Del Ray / Ballantine: 1996

Seller ID: 000468

ISBN: 034538735x

Condition: Near Fine

Slight shelf wear. "Ten years had passed since mankind had won the Great War. The dreaded Al'ar, loathsome aliens who killed by mere sight or touch, had been vanquished. Now they were gone, forgotten, and humanity was free to expand throughout the galaxy. But one man rememberred. Joshua Wolfe had been a hero of the Great War. He had lived with the Al'ar, first as a friend and then as a prisoner. He knew their ways, knew their disciplines, knew how to kill as they killed. And Joshua Wolfe was the only man who knew that the conflict was not over. Before the Great War, in a... View more info

Image for Winter's Heart

Winter's Heart

By: Jordan, Robert

Price: $11.50

Publisher: New York, Tor Books: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 006189

ISBN: 0312864256

Condition: Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket

A bright, tight, attractive copy. "Rand is on the run with Min, and in Cairhien, Cadsuane is trying to figure out where he is headed. Rand's destination is, in fact, one she has never considered. Mazrim Taim, leader of the Black Tower, is revealed to be a liar. But what is he up to? Faile, with the Aiel Maidens, Bain and Chiad, and her other companions, Queen Alliandre and Morgase, is prisoner of Sevanna's sept. Perrin is hunting desperately for Faile. With Elyas Machera, Berelain, the Prophet, and a very mixed 'army' of disparate forces, he is moving through country rife with ban... View more info

Image for With the Revolutionists in Bolivia (The Sky Buddies series)

With the Revolutionists in Bolivia (The Sky Buddies series)

By: Craine, E. J.

Price: $12.50

Publisher: Cleveland, Ohio, The World Syndicate Publishing Co.: 1931

Edition: Apparent First Edition

Seller ID: 005566

Condition: Very Good in Fair dust jacket

201 pp., green boards with gold lettering on spine and logo on front board. Corners are bumped and 3/4" stain at bottom end of spine. Glossy color frontispiece. This vintage text is clean and unmarked, but a little yellowed. DJ enclosed in Brodart protective cover. DJ chipped at spine and flap ends. Front of DJ has separated at spine and flap. From the dust jacket: "The Sky Buddies Series: A new series of hair-raising sky adventures. The dare-devil younger generation of this day and age, going through stunts, flying day and night, having their own fun and at the same ti... View more info

Image for Witling, The

Witling, The

By: Vinge, Vernor

Price: $3.50

Publisher: New York, NY, DAW Books: 1976

Seller ID: 000270

Condition: Good

"In the eyes of the inhabitants of Giri the scientific explorers from outer space were witlings. . . . Because on Giri a perculiarity of evolution had given a special talent to all living things -- and this talent made unnecessary most of the inventions associated with intelligent life elsewhere. Roads and planes, engines and doors . . . these were the products of witlings, not of 'normal' people. The problem was . . . to demonstrate that science was worthwhile and to keep the medieval masters of Giri from realizing their potential for cosmic mischief." Cover is somewhat scuffed and da... View more info

Image for Wizard's First Rule

Wizard's First Rule

By: Goodkind, Terry

Price: $50.00

Publisher: New York, Tor Books: 1994

Seller ID: 8494

ISBN: 0312857055

Condition: Very Good in Very Good dust jacket

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Image for Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals Book 2)

Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals Book 2)

By: Pierce, Tamora

Price: $4.65

Publisher: New York, Random House: 1997

Edition: 27th Edition; Eleventh Printing

Seller ID: 007429

ISBN: 0679882898

Condition: Good

Spine somewhat creased and rolled, corners bumped including some pages, a little edge wear and rubbing. A little waviness, likely from dampness. A good reading copy. "When humans start cutting down trees and digging holes in peaceful Dunlath Valley, the wolves know that something is wrong. They send a messenger to the only human who will listen -- Daine, a fourteen-year-old girl with the unpredictable power of wild magic. Daine and her closest companions heed the wolves' cry for help. But the challenge they are about to face in the valley is great than they can possibly imagine . . . View more info

Image for Wolf-Woman


By: Jordan, Sherryl

Price: $7.95

Publisher: New York, Laurel Leaf Publishing: 1994

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 004649

ISBN: 0440911338

Condition: Very Good

Minor edgewear/bumping, crease on back cover. Text is clean and unmarked. An attractive copy. "Her earliest memories are of the wolves. And of the hunters who killed them and reclaimed her for human society - as a slave. Tanith has grown up as part of a savage, plundering clan, in a world ruled by brute strength, superstition, and animal cunning. How, hated and shunned, Tanith flees the human clan for the more humane company of wolves. But the gentle chief's son from a neighboring clan beckons her back. He offers Tanith the chance to join once again with her own kind. She must, f... View more info

Image for Wolfling


By: Dickson, Gordon R.

Price: $2.95

Publisher: New York, Baen Books: 1985

Seller ID: 003051

ISBN: 0671559621

Condition: Good

Spine somewhat slanted/creased, cover creased, some edgewear/bumping, cracking at pp. 1 & 123. A clean, unmarked copy. "A hundred years in our future, the first expedition from Earth reaches Alpha Centauri only to discover a vast human empire, long-established and sternly ruled by the aristocratic High-born. In a stroke Earth becomes merely another primitive outpost, its people dubbed ‘wolflings’ by the rulers of the Throne World. Painstakingly chosen and meticulously trained, Jim Keil was sent merely to observe conditions on the Throne World. The High-born would consider him n... View more info

Image for World of Promise (Dumarest of Terra #23)

World of Promise (Dumarest of Terra #23)

By: Tubb, E. C.

Price: $6.95

Publisher: New York, DAW Books: 1980

Edition: First Printing

Seller ID: 002668

Condition: Good+

Spine very slightly slanted, cover shows minor edgewear & scuffing & slight creasing. Text beginning to yellow, but clean and unmarked. "Ascelius was an academic world, whose primary business was teaching the knowledge of the thousands of worlds, and housing great universities and colleges, populated by students and scholars from all over the galaxy. Such a world was surely the place to learn of the legendary planet called Earth, Dumarest went to Ascelius, and , indeed, he found that there had once been a study group for Earth lore. To find the remnants of it, to seek out the discard... View more info

Image for Worlds of the Imperium

Worlds of the Imperium

By: Laumer, Keith

Price: $5.25

Publisher: New York, Ace: 1967

Edition: 1st Ace Printing

Seller ID: 8934

Condition: Good+

Spine rolled, minor edge wear, covers a bit creased with some soiling, reading crease. Pages tanned but text is clean and unmarked. A solid copy. ; 5¾" - 6¾" Tall; 133 pages; "A parallel-time-tracks story with van Vogtian wheels-within-wheels ramifications. Brion Bayard, of our own continuum, is snatched into one in which there never was a United States, in which Northern Europe, Britain, the Western Hemisphere and Australia form one huge empire, in which Hermann Goering is a useful ally. He learns that there is still a third continuum, in which nuclear war has nearly shat... View more info

Image for Woundhealer's Story (Lost Swords Ser., Vol. 1)

Woundhealer's Story (Lost Swords Ser., Vol. 1)

By: Saberhagen, Fred

Price: $4.95

Publisher: New York, NY, Tor Books: 1988

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 001326

ISBN: 0812553373

Condition: Very Good

Spine/covers slightly creased, corners bumped. 1/2" tear to front cover at top left, slight chipping at top of spine. Some darkening. Back cover bowed out just a bit. "Once the gods forged twelve Swords of Power, but they forged too well: The Swords could kill the gods themselves. Now, the gods gone, the Swords are scattered across the land and Mark, Prince Consort of Tasavalta, must find Woundhealer, the Sword of Healing, to help his young son Adrian. But the evil wizard Burslam has joined with Mark's enemy, Baron Amintor, stealing Woundhealer and luring Mark's nephew Zoltan awa... View more info

Image for Wrath of the Prophets (Star Trek Deep Space Nine Ser., No. 20)

Wrath of the Prophets (Star Trek Deep Space Nine Ser., No. 20)

By: David, Peter; Friedman, Michael Jan; Greenberger, Robert

Price: $4.00

Publisher: New York, Pocket Books: 1997

Seller ID: 000036

ISBN: 0671538179

Condition: Very Good

Spine shows some creases. Cover some light wear. #20 in the Deep Space Nine series. Battling plague on Deep Space Nine and the planet Bajor.; 5¾" - 6¾" Tall View more info

Image for Ww III: Force of Arms

Ww III: Force of Arms

By: Slater, Ian

Price: $3.50

Publisher: New York, Fawcett Gold Medal: 1994

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 004746

ISBN: 0449148556

Condition: Very Good

Spine very slightly creased, corners bumped, minor edge wear, binding fairly tight. A bright, attractive copy. Paperback original. "Three Chinese armies swarmed across the trace. Into the bulge created by the sudden onslaught raced the Chinese armor, T-60 tanks with 85mm guns, and behind the T-60s over 90,000 PLA regular frontline troops rushed like ants upon the Americans who were bogged down in the typhoon. "The American A-10 Thunderbolts came in low, their cannon spitting out a deadly stream of depleted uranium, white-hot fragments that set off the tanks' ammunition and fu... View more info

Image for Xanth: the Quest for Magic (Omnibus-Xanth Books 1-3)

Xanth: the Quest for Magic (Omnibus-Xanth Books 1-3)

By: Anthony, Piers

Price: $20.00

Publisher: New York, Ballantine Books: 2002

Edition: First Trade Paperback Edition

Seller ID: 183671

ISBN: 034545328X

Condition: Very Good-

Spine slightly slanted and creased. Corners bumped and some edge wear. Crease on bottom front cover and some yellowing of pages. A good copy. ; This is an omnibus edition celebrating the 25th anniversary of Xanth. It contains the first three books of the Magic of Xanth series: Book 1=A Spell for Chameleon; Book 2=The Source of Magic; Book 3=Castle Roogna; and contains a new introduction by the author. ; 7 ¾" - 9 ¾" Tall; 774 pages; Book 1: A Spell for Chameleon: "Though every citizen of Xanth has a special spell only he or she can cast, Bink of North Village has no ma... View more info

Image for Yesterday's Son

Yesterday's Son

By: Crispin, A. C.

Price: $2.95

Publisher: New York, NY, Timescape Books: 1983

Edition: First Printing

Seller ID: 001785

ISBN: 0671473158

Condition: Very Good-

Spine/covers slightly creased, corners bumped, minor edge wear. Some yellowing but a clean, attractive copy. Paperback original. In this new Star Trek novel, "the Romulans attack the planet Gateway, where Federation scientists are studying the Guardian of Forever-the mysterious portal to the past. The Enterprise must protect the Guardian-or destroy it. But Spock has already used the portal to journey to the past. On the planet Sarpedion, 5,000 years ago, Spock knew a beautiful, primitive woman. Now he has gone to meet his son!"; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall View more info

Image for Your Own Joke Book

Your Own Joke Book

By: Crampton, Gertrude

Price: $3.95

Publisher: New York, Scholastic: 1964

Seller ID: 004059

Condition: Good

Spine slightly slanted, some edgewear/bumping, 1/4" chip at bottom of spine. Humorous black and white illustrations by Erwin Hoffmann. Text is starting to yellow, but clean and unmarked. A vintage collection of jokes for the elementary school age child. Age Level: Grades 2-6; 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall View more info

Image for Zombies of the Gene Pool [Signed]

Zombies of the Gene Pool [Signed]

By: McCrumb, Sharyn

Price: $37.50

Publisher: New York, Simon & Schuster: 1992

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 8916

ISBN: 0671705261

Condition: Very Good in Very Good dust jacket

Black cloth over blue boards, red lettering, 208 pp. Corners bumped, slight edge wear and rubbing. Jacket in new Brodart, slight edge wear. Inscribed by the author on title page. ; 7¾" - 9¾" Tall; 208 pages; "Dr. James Owen Mega, respected engineering professor turned sci-fi superstar 'Jay Omega,' and Dr. Marion Farley, respected English professor and self-confessed sci-fi fanatic (and Mega's significant other) , are on their way to a most unusual science fiction convention: the reunion of the Lanthanides - a group of fans from the 1950s who are gathering to open a time c... View more info