Jane Lindskold


One of the great things about Jane Lindskold’s stories is that no matter what type of Science Fiction and Fantasy you’re in the mood to read, she’s probably written it.


Interested in Epic Fantasy?  Try her six volume “Firekeeper Saga,” which begins with Through Wolf’s Eyes.   Mythic urban fantasy can be found in Changer and Legends Walking, as well as in her three volume “Breaking the Wall” novels.  (The first one is Thirteen Orphans.)


Lindskold has written sword and sorcery (When the Gods Are Silent) and magical realism (Child of a Rainless Year).  She delves into historical fantasy in The Buried Pyramid and into fairy tales with The Pipes of Orpheus.


Prefer Science Fiction?  Lindskold has written that, too.  Her first published novel is the cyberpunk cult favorite Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls.  Her second novel, Marks of Our Brothers, is an alien first encounter novel.  Smoke and Mirrors is a spy thriller featuring a very unlikely telepath.


Lindskold has written space opera, both solo (Artemis Awakening and Artemis Invaded), and in collaboration with David Weber (Fire Season and Treecat Wars).  Other collaborations include Donnerjack and Lord Demon, both completed by her at the request of the late Roger Zelazny.


If your busy schedule doesn’t give you time to delve into a novel, a sampler of Lindskold’s short fiction is gathered in Curiosities.


Although Lindskold’s work doesn’t fall into any one category, that doesn’t mean it lacks unifying elements.  She’s been frequently praised for her strong female characters, although she’s the first to stress that her interest is in strong, decisive characters of all types.  Non-humans – animals, aliens, and figures from myth and legend often appear in her work.  Exploration and the need to press boundaries is a frequent motif.


Basically, the question isn’t “What does Jane Lindskold write?”  It’s “What doesn’t she write?” 



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