Gail Z. Martin

We are starting a new feature on the Orielis' Books website--the Featured Authors section.  Our first featured author is Gail Z. Martin.  Gail is arguably one of the hottest new writers on the American sci-fi/fantasy scene.  Her epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Necromancer, opens as Tris has narrowly escaped being murdered along with his royal family.  In his quest to restore his kingdom he is aided by his ability to commune with the dead.

Deadly Curiosities is the first in Gail's new urban fantasy series.  Set in modern day Charleston, SC, our heroine Cassidy, as far as anybody knows, runs a small antique business.  But her family's mission for centuries, in league with a 600 year old vampire, is to search out magically dangerous antiquities and get them off the street.
Gail lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Larry N. Martin and their three children and two dogs.  Gail blames her fascination with vampires and the supernatural on the TV show Dark Shadows and a book of ghost stories she read as a kid, which explains why the first story she ever wrote, at age 5, was about a vampire.
Gail is one of our favorite authors and we are pleased to bring her to your attention.