About Orielis' Books

History and Location

We have been selling used books on the internet since the summer of 2002, utilizing a lifetime of being surrounded by and devouring as many books as we can. I am Bob Holland, the nominal owner, but I have been supported and assisted every step of the way by my sisters Joan and Patti. As of January, 2015, Patti has joined me as co-owner.

We are located in Chapel Hill, in the Triangle Region of North Carolina. It is a center of both universities and research, and a beautiful area in which to live.

Our Books

Joan is our children's and psychology book expert, as well as having the primary voice on artistic and presentation matters. Patti is our romantic fiction guru, and my special field is history and military history. We are all mystery and science fiction aficionados and our inventory reflects this. 

We have added a selection of large print books, and are hoping to expand this into a major specialty. We all remember searching for such books for our mother -- they can be hard to find at times.