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Welcome to Orielis Books

Welcome to Orielis' Books!


Please take the time to browse through our catalog. We specialize in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, and Children's books (both recent and vintage).

We also carry an extensive collection of Rex Stout books, featuring the world's largest private detective Nero Wolfe.

Each week sees us adding more titles to our on-line catalog. Check back from time to time to see what is new.

In addition to our on-line offerings, throughout the year we go to various Science Fiction conventions within a four state area.  For more information concerning where we will be vending this year, please see Events.

One area we have been expanding is our children's series books, featuring classics like Tom Swift, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew, to other entertaining series like The Three Investigators, X Bar X Boys, The Black Stallion and many more. Look for these in our Children's Series category. We plan to add sub-categories here as well, to highlight some of the individual series.


Featured Author


Margaret Maron



Margaret Maron, winner of both the Edgar and the Agatha awards, is one of North Carolina’s most beloved mystery writers.  She originally began writing in Brooklyn, producing nine books in the Sigrid Harald series.

Lt. Sigrid Harald, an NYPD homicide detective, lives for her work.  Describing the series, which begins with “One Coffee With,” Maron says “I knew the series would cover one year in her life and that I would let her change and grow over that year.  I also knew there would be an overarching mystery running through the whole series of how her police officer father was killed in the line of duty and how that past affected her present.”


Maron’s second series featuring Deborah Knott takes place in Maron’s native North Carolina in fictional Colleton County, a thinly veiled recasting of North Carolina’s rural Johnston County.  Beginning with “Bootlegger’s Daughter” in which Deborah becomes a judge, she and her sprawling extended family not only chance upon  multiple dead bodies, but display Southern culture at its best, worst, and most entrancing.

To the delight of her readers, the two series intersect twice:  once in “Three Day Town” when Deborah and her new deputy sheriff husband Dwight honeymoon in New York and stumble across a murder.  Sigrid, of course, is called in to investigate.  The other encounter occurs in “The Buzzard Table” when Sigrid comes to Colleton County to visit her dying grandmother and, naturally, gets pulled into helping Deborah and Dwight catch a killer.

Maron’s mysteries are well wrought, her character development is very satisfying, and her depiction of culture, both North Carolina and New York, is spot on.

Note: To see previous months featured authors, click here.


Large Print Books 

We continue to add to our inventory of Large Print books and currently offer about 130 titles. We are always looking for more large print books of all kinds -- mystery, romance, thrillers, history, and more. We tend to pick up any large print books in decent condition that we find, as we know these books can be difficult to locate.

If you read large print books and are interested in a particular author or series, feel free to drop us a note and we can let you know when we get some in.

Note on Easy Eye books: In the mid to late 70s (mostly), there was a special type used by some paperback publishers called Easy Eye Larger Type. These books were pocket paperbacks and the type, while not as big as today's large print books, is definitely larger than the standard type used in a typical pocket paperback. We have included these in our Large Print catalog and identify them as Easy Eye or Larger Type in the book descriptions.

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