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Harlequin Romance Series

Harlequin Romance Series

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1 Absalom, Stacy Dark Night Dawning (Harlequin Romance #2689 05/85)
New York Harlequin Books 1985 0373026897 / 9780373026890 Mass Market Paperback Good 

Spine/covers show some creasing. Some normal shelf wear.

"Abby hadn't told a soul what Keir had done to her a year ago, how he'd ruined her future as a concert pianist and devastated her faith in love.
Keir Minto, Canada's most eligible bachelor, had pursued Abigail Paston relentlessly until she'd responded with all her heart. But that had been a lifetime ago. . .
That had been before the accusations of obsessive jealousy, the broken engagement, the senseless trap that had almost claimed Abby's life!"; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.15 USD

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The Waiting Heart (Harlequin Romance #2875 12/87), Allan, Jeanne
2 Allan, Jeanne The Waiting Heart (Harlequin Romance #2875 12/87)
New York Harlequin Books 1987 037302875x / 9780373028757 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Slight creasing to spine, back cover shows a little creasing. Ordinary shelf wear.

Burke Gerard dominated everything and everyone on his Colorado ranch. He expected to dominate the young city schoolteacher who because of an accident spent two snowbound weeks in his wild territory. Susan, however, was strong-willed, too.
At first she detested this powerful, primitive man whose love seemed more like lust -- she scorned him and battled him. Then she came to understand him and his kind of love -- and yearn for it.
But, she wasn't the only one who wanted him. Tiffany, the girl next door, once engaged to Burke, was determined to have a second chance."; 5" - 6" Tall
Price: 2.25 USD

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Trust in Love (Harlequin Romance # 2935 10/88), Allan, Jeanne
3 Allan, Jeanne Trust in Love (Harlequin Romance # 2935 10/88)
New York Harlequin Books 1988 0373029357 / 9780373029358 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Spine slightly creased, corners bumped including a few pages, some edge wear, A nice copy.

"Once there'd been a special bond between them - Kate, the goody-goody, and Ty, the town rebel. So when high-fashion model Kate Bellamy sought refuge from scandal in her Nebraska hometown, she hoped for Ty's support. And while he didn't believe she'd slept her way to the top, Ty clearly disapproved of Kate running from the man who had caused the rumors. So it made little sense that it was Ty who offered her sanctuary when Gavin arrived - unless, of course, their relationship was more than a memory . . ."; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.00 USD

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Losing Battle (Harlequin Romance #2929 09/88), Allyne, Kerry
4 Allyne, Kerry Losing Battle (Harlequin Romance #2929 09/88)
New York Harlequin Books 1988 0373029292 / 9780373029297 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Spine shows slight creasing, slight shelf wear. Bookstore stamp inside front cover.

"Adair had . . . built a wall around herself to exclude all men, and she ensured their lack of attention by deliberately making herself dowdy and unattractive.
"Thane Callahan, a rancher visiting her small rural town in Central Queensland, saw through her disguise, though, and began an assault that stirred all her senses."
When Adair resisted, determined not to become one of his conquests, he withdrew. 'You'd rather hide from life than live it,' Thane accused. Then Adair discovered the true meaning of heartbreak and loneliness."; 5" - 6" Tall
Price: 2.25 USD

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Stranger in Town (Harlequin Romance #2761 05/86), Allyne, Kerry
5 Allyne, Kerry Stranger in Town (Harlequin Romance #2761 05/86)
New York Harlequin Books 1986 0373027613 / 9780373027613 Mass Market Paperback Very Good+ 

Minor shelf wear, scuffing.

"Kendra loved Goldfield, a mining community in northern Queensland, but not its daydreaming prospectors. And now her brother had brought one home to help her in the store!
Rogan Faulkner, however, was undeniably hardworking -- and attractive! -- but Kendra stuck to her convictions. Gold miners lived in a fantasy, and no levelheaded woman would marry one.
But Rogan disturbed her equilibrium. He had plans for Goldfield -- and especially for Kendra."; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.45 USD

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6 Annabel, Murray Wild for to Hold (Harlequin Romance #2819 02/87)
New York Harlequin Books 1987 0373028199 / 9780373028191 Mass Market Paperback Good 

Spine and cover show some creasing. Normal shelf wear.

"Willful, tomboyish Shari Freeman, as untamed as the countryside she was raised in, had only one love, and that was Threlkeld, the family's isolated Lake District farm.
But hard times were forcing her and her grandmother to sell their country haven. And though Shari was resig ned to this reality, she naturally resisted warming up to any prospective buyer.
But Griff Masterson sparked entirely unexpected responses in Shari. Her tranquil valley life would never be the same -- and neither would she."; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.00 USD

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Some Say Love (Harlequin Romance #2785 09/86), Armstrong, Lindsay
7 Armstrong, Lindsay Some Say Love (Harlequin Romance #2785 09/86)
New York, NY Harlequin Books 1986 0373027850 / 9780373027859 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Covers a bit creased, minor shelf wear, corners bumped. Book has a slight curve.

"Alex Cameron rescued Hannah for the first time before she realized he was the very man she'd come to Surfers Paradise to look up. Rescuing her became a necessary habit.
The trouble was that Hannah was nineteen, painfully honest, naive -- and to top it off, she fell deeply in love with Alex. And somehow she couldn't quite believe he loved her, even when he insisted that they marry.
So when the woman he'd once loved appeared to be coming back on the scene, Hannah panicked and ran . . ."; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.95 USD

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When the Night Grows (Harlequin Romance #2893 03/88), Armstrong, Lindsay
8 Armstrong, Lindsay When the Night Grows (Harlequin Romance #2893 03/88)
New York Harlequin Books 1988 0373028938 / 9780373028931 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Spine/covers show slight creasing.

"Kate Wiley hated to admit it, but singlehandedly managing the large Australian ranch was too much for her.
That's when Grevil Robertson appeared on her doorstep with his offer of help. Kate soon learned his interest was more than neighborly, for he stirred feelings within her that, as a widow, she had longed to reawaken.
She knew she needed a man. And, somehow, the fact that her husband had once saved Grevil's life made Kate believe it was destiny. . . "; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.35 USD

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Bride on Approval (Harlequin Romance #2863 10/87), Ashton, Elizabeth
9 Ashton, Elizabeth Bride on Approval (Harlequin Romance #2863 10/87)
New York Harlequin Books 1987 0373028636 / 9780373028634 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Spine shows slight creasing. Slight shelf wear.

"Sancia longed to be free from the restrictive atmosphere of her father's house -- but her loveless upbringing had convinced her that she'd never be able to respond to a man's lovemaking.
So, when escape was offered in the form of an arranged marriage -- along with a lovely Venetian palazzo home -- she feared she would still be unhappy.
Giovanni . . . embodied all the sophistication and excitement any woman could desire. But could Sancia be like other women, especially when it was her heart, not just her body, that needed fulfillment?"; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.35 USD

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10 Badger, Rosemary A Matter of Marnie (Harlequin Romance #2749 03/86)
New York Harlequin Books 1986 0373027494 / 9780373027491 Mass Market Paperback Near Fine 

Slight shelf wear.

"Convincing construction tycoon Conrad Wright that his walthy grandmother needed anything was a formidable task. But Marnie finally made him see that his grandmother was lonely.
Convincing Conrad that she, Marnie Hamilton, schoolteacher, was not the person to supply the companionship proved impossible. Marnie agreed to the job for the summer.
Living with Eva Wright, however, meant living with Conrad, too. And though she knew it seemed hopeless, particularly with the beautiful Helena around, Marnie just couldn't help falling in love!"; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.95 USD

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11 Bevan, Gloria Golden Bay (Harlequin Romance #2851 08/87)
New York Harlequin Books 1987 0373028512 / 9780373028511 Mass Market Paperback Good 

Spine and covers show some creasing/darkening. A couple comments inside front cover.

"Never again, Liz Stuart cautioned herself, would she fall a willing victim to the facile charms of an attractive stranger! With that conviction uppermost, she decided a holiday was in order.
And so, with a fickle fiance' and a broken engagement behind her, Liz drove off for the beautiful New Zealand back country and a well-deserved rest for her tangled emotions.
Then fate stranded her on the doorstep of Jarrah Conway, a heart-stoppingly attractive stranger -- but a man who knew her past."; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.00 USD

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12 Browning, Pamela Touch of Gold (Harlequin Romance #2659 12/84)
New York Harlequin Books 1984 0373026595 / 9780373026593 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

"Paige scented a mystery as soon as she arrived on St. Alban's, her aunts' windswept private island off the coast of Georgia. What handyman read the Wall Street Journal and collected sailing trophies? What handyman was so useless he couldn't change a light bulb, but had the nerve to control her aunts' finances and spend their money lavishly? Who was Chad Smith and why were her aunts treating him like one of the family?" Cover/spine a little creased.; 5" - 6" Tall
Price: 2.25 USD
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Remembered Serenade (Harlequin Romance #1936), Burchell, Mary
13 Burchell, Mary Remembered Serenade (Harlequin Romance #1936)
Toronto, Ontario Harlequin Books 1975 First Harlequin Paperback Edition Mass Market Paperback Very Good- 

Minor edgewear/bumping/scuffing. Small checkmark on half-title page. Text beginning to yellow, but clean and unmarked.

"Joanna Ransome was hoping to embark on a singing career and with the great conductor Oscar Warrender taking an interest in her she could hardly fail! But how could she manage to convince Elliot Cheam that she was not just a cheap little gold digger?"; 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall
Price: 2.95 USD

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14 Calhoun, Mary Sea Promises (Harlequin Romance #2815 02/87)
New York Harlequin Books 1987 0373028156 / 9780373028153 Mass Market Paperback Near Fine 

"Charlotte Benteen had never expected to see Vince Gambit again. She'd been only a child when he'd fled their hometown on the rockbound coast of Maine. But she remembered he'd caused enough heartache in her family to last a lifetime.
Now he'd returned, a startlingly handsome entrepremeur, and taken possession of the place Charlie loved most -- Dragon Sea, the deserted old mansion that she'd long ago claimed as her own.
Charlie knew she shouldn't even like this man. So why did she feel so undeniably safe in his arms?"; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.00 USD

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Flirtation River (Harlequin Romance #2911 06/88), Campbell, Bethany
15 Campbell, Bethany Flirtation River (Harlequin Romance #2911 06/88)
New York Harlequin Books 1988 037302911x / 9780373029112 Mass Market Paperback Fair 

Covers/spine are creased and somewhat chipped. Several pages have small tears in them, but are still readable.

"Quint and Miranda had no say in the matter. Senator Mason insisted his 'trouble-making' daughter remain under the protection of Quint Wilcox -- until they discovered who'd been sending her life-threatening letters. And Quint had promised his own father -- who was doing the senator a favor -- that the girl would be safe with him.
Surprisingly Miranda found herself drawn to life on the Firtation River, and to Quint -- a wildlife expert, a man who knew so much about caring.
She'd never felt so content -- until Quint told her she'd soon be free!"; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.00 USD

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Heartland (Harlequin Romance #2877 12/87), Campbell, Bethany
16 Campbell, Bethany Heartland (Harlequin Romance #2877 12/87)
New York Harlequin Books 1987 0373028776 / 9780373028771 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Spine shows slight creasing, slight shelf wear/darkening.

"Toby Moranti had practically grown up in the safe little New Jersey studio where she worked as an illustrator for a cartoon syndicate. Although she dreamed of branching out, she'd never considered leaving.
But when the creator of the popular 'Heartland' cartoon strip injured his hand and advertised for an assistant, Toby applied. After all, Jake Ulrick had always been her idol.
She expected him to be exacting, critical, even resentful, but nothing prepared her for his presumptuous assaults on her emotions. "; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.35 USD

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17 Campbell, Bethany Only a Woman (Harlequin Romance #2779 08/86)
New York, NY Harlequin Books 1986 0373027796 / 9780373027798 First Edition Mass Market Paperback Good 

Spine/covers creased, corners bumped, some scuffing.

"Reporter Scotty Morgan never dreamed her first sports assignment could be such a nightmare. Jed Quinn, the all-American basketball star turned coach refused to be interviewed by a woman.
He'd completely ignored Scotty at his opening press conference and refused to return her calls. And now her boss had made it clear that if she didn't get a story out of Quinn soon -- she was out the door.
Scotty's future was in Quinn's hands, especially after his long and disturbing kiss -- in the men's locker room!"; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.50 USD

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One Coin in the Fountain (Harlequin Romance #1056 10/66), Charles, Anita
18 Charles, Anita One Coin in the Fountain (Harlequin Romance #1056 10/66)
New York Harlequin Books 1981 0373010567 / 9780373010561 Eighth Printing Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Corners bumped, 1" scrape at base of cover, otherwise a very good copy.

"Rose's handsome guardian, Sir Laurence Melville, was jilted at the altar. In love with him herself, Rose silently cheered, but then Sir Laurence immediately left England. Not even the dashing prince Rose later met in Rome, where she'd gone as a companion, could erase Sir Laurence's image from her heart. Then Rose threw a coin in the fountain . . ."; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.00 USD

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19 Charlton, Ann A Place of Wild Honey (Harlequin Romance #2660 12/84)
New York Harlequin Books 1984 0373026609 / 9780373026609 Mass Market Paperback Very Good 

Covers/spine show a little creasing. Corners a little bumped.

"Kate was no amateur, either at painting or running a gallery, and she bitterly resented the charge of incompetence made by noted art critic and dealer Robert Beaumont.
He was simply jealous of the success of her rival business, she decided, and was trying to discredit her.
Well, two could play that game. She'd show him who was incompetent -- when he awarded the top prize in an exhibition of distinguished artists to a Kate Bowman original..; 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall
Price: 2.35 USD

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No Last Song (Harlequin Romance #2684), Charlton, Ann
20 Charlton, Ann No Last Song (Harlequin Romance #2684)
New York Harlequin Books 1985 0373026846 / 9780373026845 Mass Market Paperback Good+ 

Front cover and spine show some creasing. Small tear at base of spine. A few pages have corners creased.; 5" - 6" Tall
Price: 2.00 USD
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